About Us

 History and Development of the Doors

Smith Hangar Door Systems was formed and began constructing industrial projects in 1945. As the company matured and many smaller projects were completed, we took on larger scale projects.

In 1947 we built our first aircraft hangar, a tee hangar. By the early 1950s we were manufacturing and constructing hangars as large as 200 ft. X 50 ft. By the mid 1950's we were manufacturing our own custom hardware to meet the needs of our customers.

Our first electrically operated overhead door was manufactured in 1958 and measured 80 ft. X 19 ft. In the early 1970's our doors were so widely used by other contractors and building manufacturers that in 1975 the decision was made to design and manufacture only doors, integrated control and safety systems, and the required custom hardware for installation.

We have since added the design and manufacture of custom wheel assemblies for door systems as large as 400 ft X 90 ft tall.